Franc Pepevnik Aco         

I first became interested in alpinism as a 16-year-old boy. My beginnings were far from smooth: fear, clumsiness, indecisiveness, excitement… All these feelings, along with a burning desire to overcome these obstacles, motivated me to challenge myself: can you do this? Do you have what it takes? Are you brave enough?

These questions and the actions arising from them eventually brought me atop the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest, along with other eight thousand metre peaks. I am a proud member of the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia, helping people in trouble in the mountains for over 30 years. Without a real love for the mountains, appreciation of true friendship, and a sense of responsibility towards other people, I doubt that I could have achieved all of this. This is the beautiful path that I’ve taken, and I want to share it with you.


  • 1978, 1995 – Andi
  • 1980 – Norway
  • 1990 – Tien Šan
  • 1993 – Aconcagua
  • 1999 – Ecuador
  • 2009 –  Cotopaxi
  • 2009 –  Chimborazo

Himalayas Expeditions

  • 1983 – Gaurishankar
  • 1987 – Shivling
  • 1989 – Mt. Everest (Grait Culuar)
  • 1990 – Annapurna I
  • 1995 – Cho Oyu (summit)
  • 1997 – Mt. Everest (summit)
  • 2000 – Lothse (summit)
  • 2003 – Manaslu
  • 2005 – Shisha Pangma (summit)
  • 2007 – Island peak
  • 2008 – Broad Peak
  • 2008 – Annapurna II
  • 2008 – Annapurna IV

Milan Romih

To me mountains are magnificent, mysterious, enigmatic places. During my first experiences in this stunning landscape, I felt like I was floating between reality and dreams. A profound love was born, a love never fully realized, never fully satisfied. It’s still with me, after all these years, still full of dreams yet to be dreamt, still drawing me into a world of towering rock faces and endless snow slopes, where days truly are majestic and beautiful. The mountains above Huaraz, Chamonix, Kathmandu…my home mountains in Slovenia…they still feel like home, they are still enticing, but they are never the same. I was a member of 8 expedition to South America, including 3 first ascents over south face of Aconcagua, Mescalito – Huandoy, and I have climbed on the top of 30 different summits higher than 6000 m


1984 – South Face Cho Oyu
1988 – K2 (Magic Line)
1989 – Mt. Everest (Grate Culuar)
1990 – Annapurna I
1995 – Cho Oyu
1997 – Mt. Everest
2000 – Lothse (summit)
2003 – Manaslu
2005 – Shisha Pangma (central summit)
2006 – Cho Oyu (summit)

Danilo Tič

I’ve ascended mountains myself  since I was 12 years old. I started to climb when I was 15 years old. I have done more than 1000 ascents of all difficulties. After my first climb over the wall Triolet, crossing Mont Blanc at the end of the seventies of last century, the path led me over The North Face of  Triglav  to the Andes, on the  south face of Cho Oyu, adventure across South America (18 x 6000m peaks), first ascent on the south face of Aconcagua, NE face of Shivling, Magic Line on K2, Mount Everest, Manaslu, Shisha Pangma, El Cap, Marmolada to sport climbing on Kalymnos and Cuba. I want to ski powder when the conditions are great and I like to rock climb when the sun shines.

History / Expeditions

1971 – started mountaineering
1975 – started climbing
1979 – Mont Blanc, Triolet
1982, 1987 – Andi
1984 – South face of Cho Oyu
1985 – Fortuna Eiger North Face
1986 – Aconcagua
1987 – Mascalin, Huandoy
1987 – Shivling
1988 – K2 (Magic Line)
1988 – Satopant
1989 – Mt. Everest (Australian way)
1990 – Annapurna I
1992, 1993 – Lobuče, Kusum Kanguru
1995, 97, 99 – Cho Oyu
2003 – Manaslu
2005 – Shisha Pangma
2006 – Cho Oyu
2007,2010 – Kalymnos
2011 – Cuba
2013 – Cordillera Blanca
2014 – Crete

Tony Holliday

As founder of Alps Mountain Holidays and it’s parent business Activus Outdoors Limited I’m responsible for UK marketing, customer service and co-ordination of client bookings worldwide. I am both resourceful and highly motivated and my role also includes the provision of logistical and operational support for our field personnel, client liaison and organisation of preparation training/courses. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America and my background includes trekking and mountaineering in the Lake District, Scotland, Dolomites, Morocco, Slovenia, Canada and North West USA. Our exclusive partnership with Alpguide is fundamental to the future development of a wide range of services which shall be progressively phased over the next couple of years. As standard we only operate with IFMGA mountain guides and this philosophy is instrumental to our ethos of providing the safest possible mountaineering experience. It is a privilege to work alongside such esteemed company and I believe we have a winning team!